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Rockstar Golf recently attended the 2023 Golf Ireland Tour Operators event in Derry, Northern Ireland.  After 2 days of meetings with representatives of many of Ireland’s best golf courses, accommodations, and suppliers, it was time to experience the North West Coast.  If Ireland is on your bucket list, this little-known golf coast offers world-class golf and hospitality with infinite options, more availability, and great value.

What makes this tour even better is that you get to experience both Northern Ireland, which has 2 world-class courses in Portrush and Royal County Down, and the stunning courses across the border in the South.  Carne, Narin, & Portnoo, Enniscrone, and Strandhill, will create memories that last a lifetime.

The North West Coast is no longer under the radar of golfers. Golf’s latest amazing new golf destination is now getting the recognition it deserves.  Expect an exceptional visual golfing experience where every course you play is unique, fun and stunning.

If you want more information, please check out Rockstar Golf’s new NORTHERN IRELAND & THE NORTH WEST COAST GOLF TOURS which include so many amazing courses such as Portrush, Ballyfliiffin, Portstewart, Donegal, and some top hidden gems across the border like Strandhill.  The tour starts at Sligo before working our way up the coast to Castlerock.

  1. Amazing value, Stunning Courses, and Tee Time availability.
  2. Stunning Scenery: The golf courses on the North West Coast are set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural landscapes. From rugged coastlines to rolling hills, players enjoy panoramic views that make the golfing experience unforgettable.
  3. Links Golf Courses: The region is home to several world-class links courses, characterized by undulating dunes and challenging terrain. Links golf provides a unique and authentic golfing experience, testing players’ skills with the unpredictable coastal winds and natural hazards.
  4. Historic and Traditional Courses: Many of the golf courses in this region boast a rich history, some dating back over a century. Playing on these historic courses provides golfers with a sense of tradition and a connection to the roots of the sport.
  5. Championship-Level Courses: The North West Coast hosts championship-level golf courses that have been venues for prestigious tournaments. These courses offer a challenging experience for golfers seeking to test their skills at the highest level.
  6. Warm Hospitality: The hospitality and friendliness of the local people contribute to the overall golfing experience. Visitors often find the welcoming atmosphere and genuine warmth of the North West Coast communities to be an added bonus to their golfing trip.
  7. Off-Course Attractions: Beyond golf, the North West Coast offers a plethora of off-course attractions. From charming villages to historical sites, visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy a well-rounded vacation.
  8. Accessibility: The North West Coast is easily accessible, making it a convenient destination for golf enthusiasts. Whether arriving by air or road, the region’s accessibility enhances its appeal as a golfing destination.
  9. Variety of Courses: Golfers can enjoy a diverse range of courses, from classic links layouts to more modern designs. This variety ensures that there is a suitable course for players of all skill levels and preferences.

In summary, the North West Coast of Ireland stands out as an amazing golf destination due to its stunning natural scenery, world-class links courses, rich golfing history, warm hospitality, and a variety of options for players. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a casual enthusiast, the region offers a golfing experience that is both challenging and rewarding, set against the backdrop of Ireland’s captivating beauty.